Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obligation of Jihad

Alhamdulillah...ini adalah beberapa perbincangan yang kami lakukan dalam Forum English : Jihad vs Terrorism.

1. Personal jihad – this is the most important form. This type of jihad called jihadun-naffs. The meaning of jihadun-naffs is the intimate struggle to purify one’s soul of evil influences and the struggle to cleanse one’s spirit of sin. Describes several different contexts in which The Qur'an (the Islamic Holy Book) and the Hadith (the collected sayings of Muhammad) use the word "jihad" to refer to personal struggles:

Allah SWT said in
إنما المؤمنون الذين ءامنوا بالله ورسوله ثم لم يرتابوا وجاهدوا بأموالهم وأنفسهم في سبيل الله. أولئك هم الصادقون
( الحجرات : 15 )
"The (true) believers are only those who believe in Allah and his messenger and afterward doubt not, but strive with their wealth and their selves for the cause of Allah. Such are the truthful."

Back to the obligations strive, clearly shows that in the context of our country Malaysia is a safe and peaceful, then the obligation is more important that we strive in themselves. Even if we as students, this jihad naffs is a priority in the fight feel lazy, dating, love to waste time on things that are not beneficial. We need to migrate against all desires that led to the crime, even jihad an naffs, this is the biggest compared to choosing war.
Chance now we are month ramadhan, ramadhan so not only teaches us resist the passions of hunger and thirst, even withhold from all evil desires

2. Verbal jihad – To strive for justice through words and non-violent actions. Our Prophet Muhammad saw, encouraged Muslims to demand justice in the name of Allah. When asked: "'What kind of jihad is better?' Muhammad replied, 'A word of truth in front of an oppressive ruler!'" 3 According to the Institute of Islamic Information and Education: . Based on history of Muhammad saw, his life was full of striving to gain the freedom to inform and convey the message of Islam.
Quran stated about justice in surah an nahl verses 90 : إن الله يأمرو بالعدل والإحسان

3. Physical jihad – I’m sure all known about this jihad. It is better known as a war. This relates to the use of physical force in defense of Muslims against oppression and transgression by the enemies of Allah, Islam and Muslims. Allah commands that Muslims lead peaceful lives and not transgress against anyone.

If they are persecuted and oppressed, the Qur'an recommends that they migrate to a more peaceful and tolerant land:
إن الذين ءامنوا والذين هاجروا وجاهدوا في سبيل الله أولئك يرجون رحمت الله. والله غفور الرحيم
Surah al- baqarah : 218
If relocation is not possible, then Allah also requires Muslims to defend themselves against oppression by fighting against those who fight against us.
أذن الذين يقتلون بأنهم ظلموا. وإن الله على نصرهم لقدير
Surah al-hajj : 39

Need to be reminded, however, if the call of jihad has come, and it is really requires us to uphold the country and Islam, but also compulsory for us to go to war against enemies of Islam who tried to oppress and destroy Islam itself. There is a difference of opinion among jurist about conditions where Jihad is altogether obligatory and where it is a voluntary. However, there is unanimity that jihad is altogether obligatory in the following cases:
1. when the army of islam is face to face with the forces of unbelievers in a battle field, it is obligatory to fight till the last breath and it is forbidden to turn back without the permission of the Commander.

2. When the leader of Muslims calls up every able bodied person for fighting, Jihad becomes obligatory.

3. When unbelievers make intrusion into any Islamic country, Jihad becomes compulsory for all its inhabitants.

And for all information, as stated by a tradition, the Prophet Muhammad saw in reply to a query from Hazrat Aishah that wether Jihad was obligatory on womenfolk, said that for womenfolk the Jihad which involves no killing is Hajj and Umrah. Please refer Hadis Sahih Bukhari and Muslim 1285 Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was asked, "Which deed is the best?'' He (PBUH) replied, "Faith in Allah and His Messenger.'' He (PBUH) was asked, "What is next?'' He (PBUH) replied, "Jihad (holy fighting) in the Cause of Allah.'' Then he was asked: "What is after that (in goodness)?'' He (PBUH) replied, "Hajj Mabrur (which is accepted by Allah).''


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